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Sport Up Your Life!
As an athlete, every day you use your natural talent to succeed. However, did you know that there is a whole field of careers in sports outside of competition to which you can adapt your skills and stengths?

Answer the following 20 questions and we will show you the careers best suited to your own individual abilties and preferences. Get your results by email and explore the various opportunities offered by the world of sport.
Annah Angela Tommy Jimmy Shin Danny
You get to your training group and say hi to everyone. You feel as if one of the people seems preoccupied.
Do you ask the others what’s wrong with them?
Do you ask them if everything is alright?
You’re taking part in a training session and an unforeseen event has prevented it from going smoothly.
Do you propose a solution so that the group can quickly get back on track?
Do you look for the different probable causes before making a proposal?
You discover that one person in the group has some exceptional quality.
Do you say to yourself that this quality may help out your performance?
Do you encourage them to develop this quality so that they’ll become a super champion?
You’ve suggested that your group do a group warm-up. Your proposal has been accepted.
Do you think that your suggestion was accepted because the group trusts you?
Do you think that the group accepted your suggestion because you’re in charge?
You discover that your group hasn’t mastered the proposed tactic.
Do you ask the group to make suggestions to solve the problem?
Do you question the members of the group to find out where the problem is coming from and how you can resolve it?
Your training session has just finished and you now have a little free time before the next session.
Do you use this time to join in with the group and talk about the latest sports news?
Do you use this time to isolate yourself a little while or talk with one person in particular?
This afternoon, you have planned a specific training session. At the last minute, you’re called off somewhere else.
Do you cancel your session and organise another one?
Do you negotiate so that your schedule is respected?
During training, one of your coaches complains about your performance. You talk about it with your partners and they think that your performance was fine.
Do you think that this coach is especially demanding?
Do you get the impression that this coach is trying to spur you on?
Training started one hour ago, and two or three times now, you’ve been having problems with your new equipment.
Do you try to find solutions to resolve the problem?
Do you ask the technical manager to resolve this problem?
You’re talking with the technical manager about the problem you’ve encountered. He asks you to be stricter with the rules that should be followed. 
Do you formulate an argument so that your requests are considered?
Do you end up agreeing after listening to his explanations?
Finally, after analysis, you get new instructions on how to use the equipment.
Do you stick to the instructions?
Do you adapt the instructions to your own characteristics?
After the problems encountered and in order to continue improving his products, your supplier organises a contest to find “the right idea”. Free sports equipment will be given for the best proposal.
Do you prepare a proposition because you’re interested in the challenge?
Do you prepare several ideas because you want to offer the best proposal?
You’re participating in a meeting with a manufacturer to think up different future sponsorship options.
Do you participate in this meeting with a few ideas in mind?
Do you question yourself about the influence of your choices for later?
In order to promote your sport in your town, you have thought up some activities. The idea is approved by your club.
Do you agree that someone else takes care of it?
Do you prefer to take care of things yourself?
You’re entrusted with organising an event, which is exciting to you.
Do you make a checklist of elements to be considered?
Do you naturally have an idea on how to get organised?
In order to make progress, you have committed to submitting a detailed programme to your club by the end of the week but you’re running behind.
Do you change your schedule by cancelling an invitation to a friend’s house?
Do you ask for a deadline extension?
The deadline is coming, so you prepare a presentation that you have to give before the whole club.
Do you present it beforehand to others to find out their opinions?
Do you prepare your presentation alone?
During your presentation, two participants start arguing and tensions are rising.
Do you take a position for one or the other depending on your own opinion?
Do you offer a compromise to put an end to the disagreement?
The event was a success and many people joined the club. You now have a little free time to be with the others.
Do you try to make contact with the new members?
Do you prefer to simply stay with a few friends?
You decide to invite your club’s manager to lunch to thank him for his confidence and to present the results of this event.
Do you choose a restaurant you know well?
Do you try to find out what he likes before choosing the restaurant?
What do you enjoy most?
Choose five
Click five options
  • Foreign languages
  • Creative activities
  • Being independent
  • Art and performance
  • Being outdoors
  • Computers/multimedia
  • Travelling
  • Organising events
  • Taking care of people
  • Being indoors
  • Sports
  • Doing good turns for people
  • Well-being
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What are you interested in?
Choose five
Click five options
  • Advising
  • Analysing
  • Leading/guiding
  • Organising
  • Communicating
  • Negotiating
  • Collaborating
  • Inspecting
  • Teaching/informing people
  • Protecting
  • Nursing people
  • Transport
  • Sales
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